Beiimaan Love – Watch Full Movie Review by Rakhi Sawant | Sunny Leone | Rakhi In Khaki

Beiimaan Love Movie Review by Rakhi Sawant starring Sunny Leone & Rajneesh Duggal.

Get your daily dose of laughter while watching this sizzling expose done by Rakhi Sawant in Rakhi In Khaki. Watch as Rakhi unhooks Sunny Leone’s all new dark love stories true colors.

Power flows through the barrel of a gun. Unconventional, and bizarre, but extremely efficacious. An amalgamation of comedy and importance. This is a show so lethal, you’ll have no choice but to be hooked. An edgy project that brings to you the latest headlines, in a not so subtle way. This satirical take on an everyday informative channel is intended to enlighten the masses, in a way that is best understood. Every segment is packed with immense power, and can make you go “boom!”. This is truly, Gun Powder.

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